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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  May 25, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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there. you can get by without your umbrella. 64 at the airport. we have low clouds and fog. the clouds will break up. it will turn out to be a decent day with a high temperature around 78. we have more coming up. >> we're dealing with one early morning problem. an accident in anne arundel highway at route 3. watch for delays there. looking good on route 97, problem-free across the bay bridge. the only sluggish spot is southbound 95 as you approach the beltway. 395 looks good into town. the harrisburg expressway is moving well down to the beltway. sandy point.oi
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there is an easy ride on the west side of the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. over to you. >> think you. the proposed bottle tax fizzled out last week. >> it appears members are thirsty for some options. jennifer franciotti is live at city hall this morning with more details. >> are they thursday and did they have been teeth? at least for now, this discussion has been tabled until further notice. >> i moved to hold second read of consideration to a state concern. >> most of the city council feels it needs more time on the proposed four-cent tax. it is estimated it would bring
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in $11 million to the city. some folks in the beverage industry are worried. there were hoping a majority of the city council would vote the measure down. unions representing employees who could lose their jobs say the tabling represents new hope. >> it is just four since and it would help us to save jobs and services. >> the council's tabling of the bill was a filibuster of sorts so they could figure out other sources of revenue, including taxing simulated slot machines, and taxing owners of vacant rundown properties. jack young said if the money cannot be found, the bottle tax is still on the table. >> we want to see if we can get
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this done without that. i am quite sure we will look at it. >> there is no word on when the bottle tax issue will resurface before the city council. >> the maryland first lady is launching bullying awareness week. the week runs may 24-28. kids shared their own experiences. >> i think the added anonymity that is given by the internet allows belize to contain -- to continuellies believiullying.
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>> the u.s. naval academy began climbing a monument. their mission -- replace a hat with an officer's hat. the monument client continued yesterday but there was one big difference. >> it has become a naval academy tradition. it ends the first year for the plebes. the first thing you will notice is that there was no grease on the monument. as you can see from last year, the grease made getting to the top very difficult. for safety reasons come the academy decided not to use degrgrease. >> it is not the same without the grease. ase thelack of gre
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monument was very disappointing. >> it is a tradition. >> it seems sad to see it go. >> it is too much of a tradition. >> out came the plebes and the assault began. no problems. all you can see work two hands climbing and climbing. after two minutes and five wasnds, the cap replaced. there was a cheering crowd below. to those who made the climb -- >> they should have put grease on it. >> would you rather have done it
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with grease? >> yes, bring it on. >> i would rather have gre ase. >> this is only the second time the monument was not greease. >> you heard the theme -- bring back the grease. >> the white house hoped action would be delayed before pentagon officials completed their survey. >> the attire on a new barbie doll is turning some heads. barbie has become an iconic toy. some mothers are concerned about the way she is evolving.
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the wardrobe is not typical. plenty of skin it is showing. some mothers disagree them believe barbie is a sign of the times. several retailers carry the basic collection. it is not clear if this particular bill will remain on store shelves. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. do you think a barbie dressed in a low-cut top is appropriate to sell to children? e-mail your response to again, that is >> 5:37. a new study shows how stress can impact the chance for a miscarriage. >> if you are still feeling tired, you're not alone. join us here. these changes could help you get to sleep without problems. >> we do have one problem in anne arundel county.
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we will check on
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which is better for where you live, and better for where we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to $1200 cash back on an infinity system by carrier. >> welcome back. a live picture at 695 at harford road. 67 degrees downtown. things should be fairly quiet compared to yesterday. you could run into some drizzle or mist. it was not be like a steady rain. 65 at the airport. 64 at westminster. the clouds will break up and it will turn out to be a decent day with a high temperature around 678. for now, over to the news desk.
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>> new research links stress related to the september 11 terror attacks with miscarriages of baby boys. fetal death data was reviewed from all 50 states. the miscarriage rate for baby boys spite of was higher than expected in december. many different types of species experience a drop in the male birth rate. >> if you turn to sleeping pills to help you sleep, chances are it is not having the desired affect. you probably know to lay off the caffeine. limit light, especially from electronics. do your best to keep exposure to light the same all season.
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you might want to try waking up earlier in the game. game 4 quality and not quantity. more about quality. >> that is good news to hear. >> i got a call it three hours last night because of a late basketball game. >> tivo. coming up, is the final way and for contestants on "the biggest loser." >> adoptions are freed this month. we have an animal that needs a new home. >> here is a live look at traffic at liberty road. wheelchair weather and traffic. stay with us.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. hopefully you are doing well this morning. we have an accident in anne arundel county but that is gone. a disabled trailer and watch for one lane closed. there is some police activity. south on 95, up 48 miles per hour approaching the beltway nebraska. the harrisburg expressway and the j.f.x. are checking out fine. no problems on any of the other major roadways. let's start with old court road on the west side. so far so good. is picking up in volume. near the key bridge, it looks great, no problems to report across the span of the bridge. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. let's get the latest on the
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buses and trains. >> good morning. we are showing a few delays on the buses this morning. the 19, the 36 or delayed. the 15 line is running 20 minutes behind schedule. the 33 line is delayed and the 51 line is diverted because of construction so allow yourself some extra time. light rail continues to run problem free. one train is running about 20 minutes behind schedule. now back to tony pann. >> thank you. yesterday we had steady rain blowing. this morning, just some drizzle outside. we say good morning to sandra shaw down at the spca and she has made a whole bunch of new friends. >> i introduced you to smudge
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earlier. he did not loved the camera. this is soot and soot is also up for adoption. a great opportunity for you. this is lasting through the month of may. it is called the baltimore 500. >> spring and summer is known as a kitten season. we want to find homes for kittens and cats. there is no adoption fee at the baltimore humane society. they also get a free health exam. >> you have 400 adopted so far. this is the final push. >> we have less than a week left. >> tell us about sioot. >> soot is a girl.
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>> how big is this cat going to be? >> cats are about 10 pounds on average. >> she was the runt of the litter. can be good companions. >> you cannot leave them for a few days. >> they are often easier than dogs. can find a good personality match for you. >> 500 cats and kittens is the adoption bowl is still in play. 400 have been adopted already. you can get a free catch or kitchen. things -- you can get a free cat or kitten.
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it is humid outside. we have some patchy fog outside and a light mist. we will start to clear out and we will heat up pretty quickly. upper 70's to may be the low 80's. the real he hits midweek. i am looking forward to the heat. >> i love the names of the brother and sister, smudge. >> they are so adorable. >> i am sure you will show us more pets up for adoption in our next hour. things are pretty quiet this morning compared to yesterday. we had drizzle yesterday. mistould see some fog or mr outside this morning.
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we should be able to make it into the 70's this afternoon. the flow is coming in from the east to the west. we will start out with some cloud cover and some drizzle. the clouds will break up and it will be a decent day. most of the rain will stay in the carolinas and parts of georgia. clouds this morning. the sunshine will break through later today. maybe near 80 in the few places. partly cloudy and some areas of fog. 61 tonight. we are still watching the tropical system off the east coast. it could become the first tropical depression or tropical storm of the season. if it does, the name would be alex. most models have it drifting towards north carolina. they are likely to see rain down
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there. we could see rain in virginia on sal. we will wind up with sunshine. temperatures in the 80's. we will watch this front moving up the coast. it will be a close call. this is the way we see it right now. 87 on wednesday. scattered showers and thunderstorms on thursday and friday. we think it will move out in time for the weekend. saturday and sunday drive. low 80's on monday. it depends what happens in the tropics. take this seven-day forecast with a grain of salt. >> a basset hound was attacked by an alligator but survived. sophie was towed underwater by
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an alligator. >> as i tugged against the gator, the police came off -- the leash came off. she did not give in. >> that is a reason why she is still here. >> sophie is resting comfortably at home. the gator was not so lucky. >> i am not sure i would want to live in florida. >> i did not want a knock on my door -- "alligator." >> 65 degrees. >> we will have a look at one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> here is a look at last
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night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck. [ bob ] this used to be the premier...
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dairy producing area in the state of california.
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many of the dairies have gone by the wayside in this area. [ jill ] so my sisters and i came back to the farm to help my father realize his dream of producing a finished product here on the dairy. you know it's a way to keep this farm in our family. [ bob ] we were born and raised up here and we'll be up here the rest of our lives, i'll guarantee you that. ♪ >> nbc's "the biggest loser" wraps up to my. >> we have a preview. >> i am ready for it. i want to live.
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but the words became really. >> coming here and being the heaviest contestant ever, that is not something anyone can be proud of. >> breaking the record by losing over 200 pounds -- >> i feel full of hope and i can tackle anything life has to throw at me. >> ashley johnson also permitted -in.he final waeigh i am the only girl in final for the quick to wonder $50,000 is on the line -- $250,000 is on a line to >> i have lost 149 pounds so far. >> i weigh 403 pounds. now wait 218. i lost 185 lbs..
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>> america's vote will decide the finalists. the scale will decide the champion. >> i will achieve greatness. >> i feel like i have already won. health has improved. i'm happy for the first time. >> that is a prize in itself. >> it is incredible. >> the inspiration provided to a lot of folks that watch the show bequest a very popular show. >> slots are now in the hands of a court. >> look at curtis to a hysterectomy. >> cannot a relaxation transform the body? it worked for a so-called miracle man. >> things are quiet on this tuesday morning. we have a touch of summer in the seven-day forecast. stay with us.
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